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The company you choose to cash buy your home may not be important when you're desperate to sell.  But when the dust settles and you have time to absorb everything, knowing your home is in a legitimate companies hands, will matter.


Trademarked Logo with U.S. Patent Office

That's right.  We don't operate out of our trunks or pickup truck beds.  We are legitimate rehabbing company.  HGTV made everyone with a hammer think they are "Flippers" when in fact, they are not.  Not even close.


One Call does it all...

First, give us a call.  Within 24 hrs of the walk through, we will make you a cash offer.  If our offer does not meet what you are looking for, because everybody has to make some money, then we can sell your home because we are also a licensed Realtors Offering Real Estate Services second to none.  Lenders, Home Inspections Company's etc are all listed to help you out.  That's full service.

Cash Offer, Short Sale, Conventional Sale...


Real Estate Done Right

Being a desperate situation is never fun or easy.  we will advise you on all of your options and help guide you through the process.  We can suggest different professionals if you need but we always prefer you using those you are already comfortable with.  (ie. Attorneys, Lenders, Banks, etc)


over 3.6 Million sold in our first 18 months

You don't get that much real estate sold in a short time not knowing what you're doing.  We do not try to take advantage of your situation.  Operating at a higher level is job one.  We use to say "If we can't make you a fair deal, we walk away", except now, we have Realtors and can sell your home for the money you want, if you're asking full retail versus a fair market price for it's condition, etc.


Emotional Value

regardless of your situation, your home has emotional value attached to it.  While the emotional value does not get you any money, we understand that and try our best to ensure you get as much for your home as possible.  "Treat our clients like family and the way we'd want to be treated".  Does your company have these values?  Are they D&B Rated ( company has its own identity making it far more legitimate) BBB Recognized, or have a trademarked logo?  These are all the details NAHS addressed first.  That should matter.

North American Home Solutions, inc

Compassion, Integrity, Values.. and the fact we live here too, make us want to be better for you every day

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